Mini-Storage on Mobile's Eastern Shore has never been this secure
or affordable!

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Like time and money, there never seems to be enough it – room, that is. You know how the trappings of a family's life pile up over time – the good, the bad and the ugly. Some of it you give away. Some of it goes the way of Ebay. Or garage sales. But some of it is just – admit it – too valuable, too useful – or too meaningful – to lose.

Barnwell Storage, LLC
7792 County Road 24
Fairhope, Alabama 36532


Storage of Boats, RV's, family heirlooms - We've got you covered!

That boat you saved for, for instance. Not only is a marina slip an expensive proposition – but every day in that corrosive salt-sea environment is turning your little beauty into a rust bucket and a barnacle convention. An RV – if you're lucky enough to own one – might cost more than your house! And yet it sits there in the drive taking a beating rain and shine – and from the errant baseball that comes calling from a pickup game in the front yard. That's where we come in.

Best price on Mobile's Eastern Shore - whatever your storage needs!

At Barnwell Storage, we offer all the options – and at the best prices on Mobile's Eastern Shore. Let's say you simply need a "box" to put away furniture you'll need in the new house. We have "plain Jane" storage without climate control for that. But if you need climate-control – say, for artwork or books or clothing – well, we've got you covered there as well.

Security is our other name at Barnwell Storage - Consolidated Fence Co.

Security – as much as climate-control – is a first concern of all our customers – and as owners of Consolidated Fence, we take special pains – and go to extra lengths – to keep your property safe.

Think of us as your basement, attic, garage, spare bedroom..

So whether it be a boat or an RV that cost you tens of thousands of dollars … a climate-controlled place to protect that priceless family heirloom … or simply the lady of the house has claimed the basement or garage workshop and "sent you packing" … Barnwell Storage has got a place for you.